abstract AbstractEnvironment

Parent type for event processing environments.

An implementation must at least provide the means to access the current time of the environment (see now), to process events (see step and peek) and to give a reference to the active process (see active_process).

The class is meant to be subclassed for different execution environments. For example, SimJulia defines a Environment for simulations with a virtual time.

run(env::AbstractEnvironment) → nothing

Executes the step function until there are no further events to be processed.

run(env::AbstractEnvironment, until::Float64) → nothing

Executes the step function until the environment’s time reaches until.

run(env::AbstractEnvironment, until::AbstractEvent) → Any

Executes the step function until the until event has been triggered and will return its value.

stop_simulation(env::AbstractEnvironment, value=nothing)

Stops the simulation, optionally providing an alternative return value to the run function.


Environment <: AbstractEnvironment

Execution environment for a simulation. The passing of time is simulated by stepping from event to event.

Environment(initial_time::Float64=0.0) → Environment

Constructor of Environment. An initial_time for the environment can be specified. By default, it starts at 0.0.

now(env::Environment) → Float64

Returns the current simulation time.

active_process(env::Environment) → Process

Returns the active process. If no process is active throws a NullException.