Process <: AbstractEvent

A Process is an abstraction for an event yielding function, a process function.

The process function can suspend its execution by yielding an AbstractEvent. The Process will take care of resuming the process function with the value of that event once it has happened. The exception of failed events is also thrown into the process function.

A Process itself is an event, too. It is triggered, once the process functions returns or raises an exception. The value of the process is the return value of the process function or the exception, respectively.

Process(env::AbstractEnvironment, func::Function, args...) → Process
Process(env::AbstractEnvironment, name::ASCIIString, func::Function, args...) → Process

Constructs a Process. The argument func is the process function and has the following signature :func:func(env::AbstractEnvironment, args...) <func>. If the name argument is missing, the name of the process is a combination of the name of the process function and the event id of the process. An Initialize event is scheduled immediately to start the process function.

DelayedProcess(env::AbstractEnvironment, delay::Float64, func::Function, args...) → Process

Constructs a delayed Process. A Timeout event is scheduled with the specified delay. The process function is started from a callback of the timeout event.

yield(ev::AbstractEvent) → Any

Passes the control flow back to the simulation. If the yielded event is triggered , the simulation will resume the function after this statement. The return value is the value from the yielded event.

is_process_done(proc::Process) → Bool

Returns true if the process function returned or an exception was thrown.


Initialize <: AbstractEvent

Start a process function. Only used internally by Process. This event is automatically triggered when it is created.


Interrupt <: AbstractEvent
Interrupt(proc::Process, cause::Any=nothing) → Interruption

Immediately schedules an Interruption event with as value an instance of InterruptException. The process function of proc is added to its callbacks. An Interrupt event is returned. This event is automatically triggered when it is created.


Interruption <: AbstractEvent

Constructs an interruption event. Only used internally by Interrupt. This event is automatically triggered with priority when it is created.